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Fixed Home Equity  3.00%
Home Equity LOC  4.25%
Consolidation Loan 9.90%
New Auto 1.79%
Auto "Refi" 2.29%
Used Auto 2.39%
VISA Credit Card 11.99%

Rates subject to change w/o notice

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Credit Union Services

Remote Services

Remote Account Access with Home Banking 24 / Virtual Branch

Stoneham m.e. Federal Credit Union's online account access continues to be a member favorite because with Home Banking 24, account information, online transactions, check images, and even your E-Statements are just a point and click away! Home Banking 24 is a free service that delivers lightning-fast account information with an easy-to-use interface. Our online "branch" is always open, and always free.


See Your Statement Electronically

This feature offers members the opportunity to view their statements online. By choosing E-Statements instead of paper statements, you will get your statement sooner, have your statements archived for 6 months, be able to print your statement at any time, help the environment, and even reduce the risk of identity theft. Sign up for this free and convenient service today. PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment in Home Banking 24 / Virtual Branch automatically includes sign-up for E-Statements. Members may request to "Opt-out" of E-Statements at anytime but by doing so, also relinquish access to online banking services.


Click here to learn more about our E-Statements.



Save Time and Money with Bill Payer

Sick of buying stamps, licking envelopes, and writing checks to pay that tall stack of bills each month? SMEFCU feels your pain. That's why we provide Bill Payer, our inexpensive online bill paying service. Save time and money by paying your bills electronically, so you can worry about those things in life that really matter. PLEASE NOTE: Members may enrollment in Bill Payer by signing into Home Banking 24 / Virtual Branch and then click on the "Bill Payer" tab.


Account Information Only a Call Away

SMEFCU realizes that our members cannot always get to a branch or the internet, so we have also made account information accessible via telephone. With Access 24, you have 24-hour access to all of your credit union accounts. Get balance information, request withdrawals, determine which checks have cleared from your checking account, transfer funds, and more. This free service can be available to you within moments by simply calling our staff at (978) 658-5394 or (781) 3438-3959.


Click here to learn more about our telephone teller system.


Plastic Account Access Cards

SMEFCU offers a variety of plastic account access cards that can be used at a wide variety of ATMs, grocery stores, online shops, and retail outlets. Check your balances, make day-to-day purchases and receive cash withdrawals at ATMs with our ATM/VISA Check Card or use the power of our VISA Credit Card to make those longer term, major purchases. Contact either of our branches to apply for one of these convenient cards today.ATM/Check Card Application


Click here to learn more about our ATM/VISA Check Card.        Check Card:



Credit Card Single/Joint Application


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Other Convenient Services

Notary Service

For the convenience of our members, Stoneham m.e. FCU maintains a Notary Public at both branch locations. This service is free for all SMEFCU members.


SUM ATM Program and Directory

SMEFCU belongs to SUM, a selective surcharge program managed by NYCE network.  As a SUM member, we are associated with other financial institutions who agree to allow our cardholders to use their ATM's surcharge free.  To find one of the 2,900 surcharge free ATMs near you, please visit the SUM ATM directory for a list of the SUM ATM locations.


Click here for a list of SUM ATMs accepting deposits.


Credit Union (Cashier) Checks

Credit Union Checks are available to all members for share account withdrawals.


Gift Checks

Gift Checks are a flexible gift option that are sure to please both the purchaser and the receiver. You choose the amount. The recipient chooses where to go and what to buy. The perfect gift for every occasion.


Money Orders

Money Orders work just let checks. You can use them to pay bills or any other payment. And to give you peace of mind, money orders can be traced if lost or stolen.


Postage Stamps

For the convenience of our members and at no additional fee, postage stamp books are offered at both the Stoneham and Wilmington branches of our credit union. No longer do you need to make that second stop at the post office.


Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit can be used to provide a safe, convenient and reliable way to automatically deposit any periodic payments you receive.  It allows you more free time to do other things because your funds arrive electronically, plus there's no worry of checks lost or delayed in the mail.  While Social Security is the most common, you may have payroll or pension checks, annuities, dividends, and any other regular payments you receive by check, credited to your share draft account using Direct Deposit.

Online Images

With Online Imaging, you have access to view and print paid drafts (checks), both front and back, that have cleared your share draft (checking) account.  Just log on to Home Banking 24 / Virtual Branch and simply click on the draft you want to view and/or print. 


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Insurance & Investment Options

Credit Protection

Stoneham m.e. FCU offers many affordable payment protection plans provided by CUNA Mutual Group with coverage up to $30,000.00 on consumer loans and open-end home equity lines of credit. You may choose coverage that protects your loan and pays it in full in the event of the primary borrower's demise or in the event of either the primary borrower or co-borrower's demise.


SMEFCU also has coverage that will protect your loan and make payments up to $600 per month in the event of disability of the primary borrower that will be effective from the 1st day of disability (provided you are disabled for more than 30 days). You may also choose to have both forms of payment protection which will cover your loan in the event of death or disability.


The maximum age for payment protection in the event of death is 70 and the maximum age for disability is 66.


TruSTAGE Insurance & Investment Services

TruSTAGE Services is a comprehensive resource that's easy to use, and available 24/7. It has all the tools you need for planning your financial future and for answering your financial questions, no matter how simple or complex.


By using TruSTAGE Services, You can:

  • obtain vital financial data
  • get insurance quotes
  • buy mutual funds
  • trade online
  • track investments
  • use online financial calculators
  • review financial articles
  • ... and much, much more.

TruStage insurance, investment products and programs are made available by the companies of CUNA Mutual Group. They’re only available to credit union members. That means you could get discounted rates, financial planning products and services that other financial institutions simply don’t make available.


Click here to learn more about the value of TruSTAGE Insurance & Investment Services.


Note: Non-deposit investment and insurance products are not federally insured, involve investment risk, may lose value and are not obligations of or guaranteed by the financial institution. CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.


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